• What to look out for

    Ringing in your ear is called tinnitus.  It is rarely serious but can be very annoying for people.  Tinnitus can be caused by:

    • natural hearing loss as you get older,
    • hearing damage,
    • an ear infection,
    • fluid in the ear, or
    • a build up of wax.
  • What can you do

    Ask your doctor to check your ears. Sometimes, cleaning wax from the ear can solve the problem. However, it is often difficult to find a cause for tinnitus.

    To learn more about tinnitus, click here.

  • When to seek help

    It is best to get your ears checked by your doctor to see if the cause can be determined as sometimes a simple cleaning out of wax from the ear can solve the problem.

    Visit the HSE’s main website to read more about tinnitus.