• What to look out for

    After an ear infection, your child may still have fluid behind their ear drum which can last for several months. This may feel uncomfortable but it is more a dull, abnormal feeling than a nasty, sharp pain. The fluid may also cause a decrease in hearing in that ear until the fluid is gone.  This is often called glue ear. 

    A hearing loss can also be caused by a build up of ear wax.

  • What can you do

    In most cases, no specific treatment is needed for fluid left behind in the ear after an infection.  It will clear by itself within three months.  If a child under two get repeated ear infections, it can interfere with their speech development as children need to able to hear sounds correctly to learn how to say them.  If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or speech, you should talk to your doctor. Your child may need to have their speech or hearing tested.

    Ear wax is normal and there is no need to do anything unless the wax is affecting your child’s hearing.  If this is the case, your doctor or practice nurse can remove the wax by gentle suctioning.

  • When to seek help

    The main reason to see your doctor is if you think your child’s speech is being affected or if your child still cannot hear properly a few weeks after an ear infection.